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    LED Light 3.36

    These JND (JND Sound) are available in various designs to our valued customers. We provide these products for applicable in many purposes. We offer them with high quality which has long durability and accuracy. These are also used for delivering indoors and outdoors sound messages. These products are provided as per the specific requirements of clients. They are made with modern expertise skill to attain an evaluation product to clients..

    For example, electricity decomposes water into oxygen and hydrogen gas. A comparable similar effect could happen inside the liquid crystals that are in the pixels. In order to prevent damage, LCD displays quickly alternate the voltage between positive and negative for each pixel, which is called 'polarity inversion'. Ideally, the rapid polarity inversion wouldn't be noticeable because every pixel has the same brightness whether a positive or a negative voltage is applied. However, in practice, there is a small difference, which means that every pixel flickers at about 30 hertz.